Solar Eclipse ;) 05/20/2012
Hi There!!! It's Been A While Since I've Uploaded!!!! Anyways, here a FAIL video of the solar eclipse happening where i live at...SORRY it's not the whole solar eclipse (sorry to disappoint some of you guys) but it's funny *to me* lol My little brother was fooling around, while i wanted to be seriou...
Selina & Ella 慫恿Hebe對海關唱歌
Selina還蠻有種的。 Selina & Ella 對海關唱他們的航班號碼,為的就是看Hebe這麽愛面子,她會不會唱。 然後Hebe果然一開始很安靜。他們就開始大聲地慫恿她,最後她沒辦法,就對海關唱 "海關 辛苦你了, 海關 辛苦你了。 海關大...
Family Outing Ep 32 Daniel Henney 3 6
Family Outing Ep 32 Daniel Henney 4 6
Bride Of The Century Episode 3 [Eng Sub] 백년의 신부
Bride of the Century Episode 3 [Eng Sub] 백년의 신부 Click Here to Subscribe: Click Here to Watch The Full Episode: In Episode 3: Time is passing but there is still no sign of the real Yi Kyung. How long can Doo Rim keep up her act? Bride of the Cen...
Bride Of The Century Episode 2 [Eng Sub] 백년의 신부 Burying A Cat
Bride of the Century Episode 2 [Eng Sub] 백년의 신부 Click Here to Subscribe: Click Here to Watch The Full Episode: In Episode 2: Doo Rim finds a kitten whose mother has died. She and Kang Joo bury the mother together. Bride of the Century (...
Lucky Escape: Child Falls From Moving Car In China, Caught On CCTV
A father jumped from a moving car to run to the aid of his four year-old daughter, who fell from the same car at a busy crossroad in Wenzhou city in China's southeastern Zhejiang province. The girl was said to have suffered some slight bruising. Subscribe to RT!
Myanmar SEA Games Song
Myanmar SEA Games Song
13/7/2012 The Pulse : Discussion On National Education
With us in the studio to discuss national education are Tanya Chan, vice-Chair of the Legco Education Panel, To Kar-hing the chairman of the Hong Kong Moral and National Education Teachers' Association, and Heidi Ma from the students' group, Scholarism. We did ask the Education Bureau to send a repr...
Protest Against National Education In Hong Kong On 29th July 2012
On 29th July 2012, protesters joined together to protest against the introduction of National Education into our education system, fearing political indoctrination into the young through the education system.
Hong Kong: Citizens Can Protest, Just Not Where Hu Jintao Can See
In the run-up to the July 1st anniversary of Hong Kong's return to Chinese rule, activists are gearing up for a weekend of demonstrations against the Mainland regime.
Human Rights Activists Support Hong Kong Students' Hunger Strike
A hunger strike relay by Hong Kong students, which started at government headquarters on Thursday in protest over the national education course, has caused a reaction from a group of Chinese rights activists. Three students started a hunger strike on Thursday which lasted for more than 40 hours. O...